Orchestral Manoeuvres
in the Park

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Park is for young people wanting to expand their musical creativity.

Bring your instrument along and join the orchestra! During the week we’ll be composing a brand new piece of music which we'll perform in a concert for parents and friends at the Colston Hall on Friday August 21st 2020.

What they say

"Our children had a fantastic time.  Their initial nerves melted away and they felt safe and had a very happy time.  The balloon flight story captured their imagination and they were talking about it for the rest of the Summer holidays!  Thank you!”

I was hugely impressed with the way in which OMP blended young-person-centred activities with high musical standards to produce enjoyable, varied and emotionally engaging music. My daughter loved it

"It was awesome, epic and amazing because you could make up your own music and eat outside in the play park!"  says Charles

Absolutely amazing, well done to the children, fantastic what you all put together within a week. A special thank you to Jo, Charlie and Ben for this wonderful experience for our children. Conor had a great week, meeting new people and making new friends. - Mary

Manuel "Nos gustaron mucho las piezas que tocamos. Muchas gracias por ayudarnos con el inglés"  ("We really enjoyed the pieces that we played. Many thanks for helping us with our English.")

The Team

Meet the OMP TEAM

Jo Fallowfield GRSM LRSM

Royal Academy of Music (Violin and Piano), Ex BBC TV Producer, Bristol Ensemble Preludes Team, peripatetic & private piano and violin tutor.

Charlie Groves

Community Musician, Composer and Songwriter. Bristol Ensemble Preludes Project, National Open Youth Orchestra (NOYO) and Private Tuition

Dylan Jones BMus

Freelance music practitioner, Bristol Ensemble Preludes, Bath Philharmonia Creative Learning, choir director and accompanist, brass tutor.

Plus music mentors and musical guests during the week.

The Venues

St. Barts Church Hall


St Barts Church Hall Maurice Road, St Andrews, Bristol BS6 5BZ

St Barts Church Hall is in St Andrews, opposite the beautiful and tranquil green space of St Andrews Park. There is plenty of parking available on the streets around the park.

Bristol's Colston Hall Foyer Space


Colston Hall, Colston Street, Bristol. BS1 5AR

Colston Hall is Bristol’s largest concert hall, presenting concerts and entertainment by major names in rock, pop, jazz, folk, world and classical music, stand up comedy and light entertainment.  Built in 1867 the building remains at the heart of cultural life in the city.  The imposing and iconic foyer has made Colston Hall an architecturally significant and striking addition to Bristol’s skyline and befits the many fantastic performers who play here, including the OMP orchestra!

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Who is OMP for?

Anyone between the ages of 8 and 15 who plays an instrument and is looking to improve and broaden their music making in a creative direction. It is a great opportunity to play in a group/ensemble setting and to gain experience in performing.

What do I need to bring?

Your instrument and a packed lunch.

What sort of music will we be playing?

We will be creating exciting new music based on everybody’s ideas and including a number of styles (classical, pop etc). We will be using our own instruments as well as other instruments and percussion. The piece will have several varied sections, tracks or movements. We will learn and memorise the arrangements rather than using written scores. We are aiming for 30 minutes of music

What is the structure of the week?

The first 2 days we will purely be creating music. The rest of the time will be structuring the pieces properly, rehearsing them and performing them well. We will be based at St Barts church Hall in St Andrews but on the last day we will be at the Colston Hall all day.

What standard do I need to be on my instrument?

Ideally you will have been learning for at least a year. All levels are welcome and we will include everyone at the level they are.  Hopefully we will all push ourselves a bit further! It’s less about how good you are at playing and more about listening well and creating an amazing sound together.

Do I need to be there every day?

Yes if possible as the piece will evolve throughout the week from your ideas and input. The final day will be spent at the Colston Hall rehearsing for a 2pm performance in the foyer space.


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